is a compound word of ange (French) + eye (English). Rather than just arranging words, matching them shortens the words and expands their meaning, making you more creative. Angeye means "angel's eye". It is the eye that discerns truth, good and bad, beauty and ugliness. This domain can be used for artistic fields such as music, painting, sculpture, theater, and literature, or for businesses and shops such as hospitals, doctors, research companies, consultants, nurses, museums, beauty salons, and opticians. Angeye is a domain name that is friendly, gentle, and sometimes harsh, and is worth checking to see if it is true or false. 

angel eye image

Each domain of "Angel Domain", such as,, etc., is basically based on this idea. Although it is a word that is not found in dictionaries, we think that when used for business or email purposes, the image becomes broader than the original meaning and its value increases. 

How to open the application page
Clicking on this cherry blossom iconsakura iconwill open the SEDO domain application page. Please take a look.
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